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Words and Wonders

Some of the most significant moments in our life are based around where we are. I can think of few things that were more awe inspiring for me than my first time seeing the Grand Canyon, or my first time driving down the Pali Highway in O'ahu. These images are my attempt to help bring you back to these moments. Whether its a special memory, or a moment of inspiration, or even just a dream to see it in the flesh, these places have such personal significance to so many of us. I hope these help capture your imagination and take you back to that feeling.

The Moon





This is by far the most mentally exhausting drawings that I have ever taken on. I completely underestimated the amount of work that was going to have to go into it. From the hundreds of straight lines, to figuring out the texture and contrast, none of this drawing was easy. That being said, I cannot believe that I made this. Personally, I think this is my most impressive drawing to date. 40 hours of work well spent.

This piece was created by writing "Moon" in 38 different languages. It is the first installment in what will become a series that aims to include every language in all of the phases of the moon. I love how this is something we all have in common across the world and I want to create more art that brings us together vs dividing us apart.

Michelangelo’s David has always been a source of inspiration to me. The attention to detail and life he breathed into this piece has always astounded me. Something about statues has always captivated my attention and I’ve always wanted to learn how to try and emulate in a drawing what is captured in a statue. I’m very proud of this piece and the hair might be my favorite thing that I have ever drawn.

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