Muhammad Ali was arguably the greatest fighter in American history. He was much more than just a boxer though. He was a philanthropist, poet, entertainer, and activist. He is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sporting figures of the 20th century but missed several years of his prime. During his prime he remained vocal about his personal convictions no matter the personal cost. Even with everything going on in his personal life, Ali was part of several of some of the biggest sporting events to ever happen. His “Rumble In the Jungle” was estimated to have been watched by 1 billion people worldwide. In 1984 he made public his diagnosis with Parkinson’s Syndrome but remained an active public figure globally. This is a high quality print of an original drawing made by writing “The Greatest” thousands of times. The drawing is 11x14” (or around A3 if you aren’t in the US) and is a great medium size for your wall! I recently finished this drawing and need to get it scanned still so if you order now, it might take some time to get a proper scan and prints ready to be go. I appreciate your patience! 

The Greatest



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