Pop Smoke was an American rapper closely associated with Brooklyn drill. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he rose to popularity in 2019 with his singles “Dior” and “Welcome to the Party”. His 2nd mixtape ended up actually debuting at #7 on the Billboard 200. Tragically, less than 2 weeks after the project dropped, he was murdered during a home invasion in LA. He has had 2 posthumous albums dropped and both have gone #1 which shows how much potential he had going for him. He was really just starting to get recognized in the public eye and I think that is why his passing shocked so many. Seeing and drawing all of these artists whose lives were cut short has really reminded me to do my best to give artists their roses while they are still with us ♥️ 

This is a high quality print of an original drawing created by writing “Pop Smoke” thousands of times. The print is 11x14 inches (or around A4 for any non-Americans in here) and is a great medium size for your wall! 

Pop Smoke



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