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Gustav Elijah Åhr, or Gus, or Lil Peep was an American songwriter, singer, rapper, and model. He is credited largely in being one of the lead figures of bringing emo-rap into popularity in the late 2010's. He is really interesting to listen to because his genre's that he wrote in were fairly fluid and you can see inspirations from all over the place. I think the most interesting comparison that I've seen several times is that he was the Kurt Cobain of lo-fi rap relating to a lot of his lyrical content and themes within his music. Gus lived with mental health conditions like depression and bipolar disorder which had a profound influence on his music. A close friend said that he "wanted to give a voice to people that suffer from anxiety and depression, people who have been abused, bullied, and the people who were misunderstood like him. He had demons of his own and he faced those demons by creating music." Unfortunately, due to his mental health issues he had substance abuse issues which eventually lead to his death in Tuscon, Arizona before one of his concerts. Before his passing away two weeks after turning 21, Lil Peep came to be an inspiration for outcasts and youth subcultures drawn together by the internet. He pioneered his own style of music, and cemented his legacy in an incredibly short amount of time.  This is a high quality print of an original drawing by writing "Lil Peep" several thousand times. The print is 11x14 (or A3ish if you aren't in the US) inches which is true to the original sketch and a great medium size for your wall!(Currently the sticker has no background!)

Lil Peep

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