Jahseh Onfroy, otherwise known as XXXtentacion was an american rapper and singer. He had complicated life to say the least. My personal opinion is that his albums 17 and "?" are both incredible character analyses dealing primarily with vulnerability and pride. He was definitely an explorer and innovater when it came to developing his own personal sound ranging from soulful singing, to the lyrical depths of his raps, to the occasional song where he screams like he is in a metal band. A diverse and incredibly talented man to say the lest. RIP and LLJ 
If you decide to go with the "Skins" variation with the background, I'll tell you a bit about it. The lyrics on the back come from his first posthumous album Skins which was released in December of 2018. The album's theme sees XXXTentacion discuss heartbreak and mental turmoil in an attempt to give you a glance into his own perspective. The songs contained on the print are from the first 3 tracks, Introduction, Guardian Angel, and Train Food. The album is definitely chaotic in nature ranging from rapping, singing, trap, metal, to acoustic. To me I think it is a really interesting dive into his psyche. 
This is a high quality 11x14 inch print that stays true to the original.
A portion of all profits from this drawing will be donated to abuse centers in my area

Jahseh Onfroy



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