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Billie. One of the most talented women in music (in my opinion). She has an incredible voice and the music she makes with her brother is just so unique and inspiring. My favorite couple of her songs are Xanny, When The Party’s Over, ilomilo. The creativity and the musical ability displayed in these songs is just amazing. Big fan if it’s not obvious. I think her whole debut album is a story teaching us about vulnerability. In my ears, it seems whenever she tries to adopt an indestructible persona, it is quickly met with a vulnerable/authentic song. That’s just what I hear at least. This portrait was made by writing out “Billie” for an absurd amount of time. Prints are11x14 inches (or about A3 if you are not in the US) to keep them high quality and and are a great medium size for your wall!

Billie Eilish

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