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This was yet another opportunity to learn more about a rapper who basically would be in the Mount Rushmore of 90s rap. Born in Brooklyn, Biggie brought the East coast back into visibility in the hip hop industry and almost singlehandedly reinvented east coast hip hop. His music was semi-autobiographical, articulating the violence and hardship he grew up in, which developed into the celebration of success that he was evolving into. His story was cut short due to a shooting in traffic where his assailant was never caught.
After drawing 2Pac it only felt right that I should draw the reverse side of the coin. Two legends who were some of the best rappers who ever lived. I'm not sure if I have some big lesson to learn from this, but it’s good to learn about the history of a genre you enjoy. You will almost always find fascinating stories you knew nothing about.


This is a high quality print of an original drawing by writing "Biggie" several thousand times. The print is 11x14 (or A3ish if you aren't in the US) inches which is true to the original sketch and a great medium size for your wall!


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