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-By The Viking Poet & Jayce Hall-

"Two friends who realized their chosen forms of expression could create a sort

of new nostalgia. The pieces in this book were not planned or edited in the

typical sense. I would write a piece in the moment, in one sitting. No adding to,

clarifying, and if anything, editing was removing ranting, spelling errors, and making things shorter. Every one of the illustrations you see is Jayce’s

internal reaction to that piece."- The Viking Poet

Soil & Stone



We are so afraid of real rejection

So we settle for fake approval. 

Likes and follows

counterfeit success that feels so much safer 

than authentic failure...


Fate was a fickle lover to me

She never truly belonged to me

Nor I to her

Death was a tempting mistress

One that offered such peace

From the enigma of fate’s always changing promises

But I feared the commitment she asked of me...

IMG_2494 2_edited.jpg
IMG_2496 2_edited.jpg

Fighting Fantasy

Lie to me

Let me live in this fantasy

Where queens love kings

And dragons can be tamed


Lie to me

Because these webs you spin ensnare me...

Full Book
Coming 2023

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