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When buying pictures on my site are they originals or copies?

  • There is a little drop down bar by the drawing which will give you options when you are trying to buy the drawing. Most of my originals have been commissions, but I do have a decent amount of originals around on the site if you look! But if the price is below $300 it is a print.

Can you draw me for free?

  • No


Can you send me the digital file?

  • No 

Basically it is just because I’d prefer not to have people printing/possibly selling my art that is not me. Lots of potential for things to go bad quickly so as of now I am not selling anything digitally like that. I would add that I am working on starting to do NFTs so keep your eyes peeled for my first drop!


Any tips to get better at art?

  • I always just say that the best teacher is time. Just draw every day. Even if its awful for a while, slowly you will get better and better. I’ve drawn almost every day for around 5 years now and it is crazy looking back now!

  • Another little thing would be try and learn how to see better. That might sound kind of vague, but seeing is really the biggest key. Look for contrast, look for details around you, see what makes things unique. Eventually that will be able to translate into you art. Hope that helps!


Can you draw me and my siblings/children/wife/family members on a picture?

  • Sorry but no

Whenever I’ve drawn multiple people on one piece it just does not turn out as well as I’d like it to. Especially with the name style, I don’t want to spend several hours getting one of the drawings right, just to mess up somewhere in the next piece. 


Will you do art for a shoutout?

  • No


Can you draw me in the name style?

  • There is a possibility, but the odds are low

At this time I only draw public figures in the name style until further notice. Until the day I can get a new bionic wrist this will be in effect haha!


What sizes do you do your drawings?

  • The smallest I will go on a single piece is 11x14 for my typical starting size. I can also do 14x17”, or 18x24” is the larger size I do of drawings. I have done a few pieces on larger canvases in the past but these are projects I take on more selectively.


Can you make your prints bigger?

  • I recently gained the ability to make my prints larger! However, these prints are on fine art paper and are extremely high quality. With this increase in quality, the price for these also goes up. 


How many likes for a free drawing?

  • 82,000,000,000


What supplies do you use?

  • I get my pens from Micron and Arteza, and then I love Strathmore paper. Otherwise most of the supplies that I pick up are pretty basic. Whatever mechanical pencil I have lying around, maybe a couple types of charcoal stumps, pretty cheap paint. Art is supposed to be something that you create into the world. Supplies are a factor, but they are a pretty small one in my opinion. 


Any tips as an artist starting off?

  • Please, I’m begging you. START POSTING NOW. You’ll figure it out along the way, but how is anyone going to find your art if its just in a sketchbook next to your bed? 

  • Also, please just finish that drawing. One of the biggest things I see with artists starting off is a sketchbook of 1,000,000 or so 90% done drawings. Learn to close the door on a drawing and trust me, your confidence will grow.

  • Lastly, to try other methods. I started off with pencil, moved to charcoal, went to pen scribble drawings, to pointillism, and now I do these word mosaics. You never really know where you’re going to find your niche. It is a big world and it is so fun to try new styles of art. There is an odd joy about trying a new method for the first time and being terrible but knowing there is potential.

How much for a commission? 

  •  It varies from style to style. You can use the pictures below this for referenced costs in the different styles that I draw in.


Looking to order a custom piece? Let me know what you want! Please include the subject matter, style, size, and anything else you think might be important!

Thanks for submitting!

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